The Buzz...

This is a not only a wonderful studio, but it is full of caring people who treat each other like family. My daughter receives an excellent dance education from caring staff who not only teach her how to dance but also how to be kind, humble, and supportive to her fellow dancers and friends. The "Dance Moms" at the studio all help each other with pick ups and drop offs and anything else that might arise. The studios continued growth is only a testament to what a wonderful place it is for our children to learn, grow, and blossom as both dancers and people.

Tanya M

The growth in my daughter has amazed me. Seeing her onstage today just confirmed how talented you all are at what you do. The love you have for the girls and the drive you instill in them shows onstage. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Nicole T

My in-laws were so impressed at the meeting last night! They absolutely love you and the studio. We were hoping to finally find a teacher and studio that was fabulous and we have definitely found that with you and 8 count! Our daughter is so beyond excited to be doing the mini competition team and loves to practice her dance at home . I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you do and for being such a wonderful teacher!

Tom and Melanie R

Congratulations on an awesome recital! It was truly amazing,and you should be very proud-not just of your dancers but of yourself. You run an amazing program,and you organized a perfect rehersal and recital. It was really seamless and flawless. As spectators, we experienced no stress or frustration. We just got to sit back and enjoy a wonderful show. Great job!

Erin H

The recital was magnificat!!! Awesome job Tara to you and all your staff members. We had 20 members of our family and friends present. They were all amazed by the spectacular performance.

Lisa J

Being a part of the 8 Count Dance Company has been an incredible experience for my daughter. The girls on her team truly help and support each other and that has lead to a huge increase in her self-confidence and self -esteem. Her teachers have provided quality instruction that has helped her greatly improve her technique, but most importantly it has been done in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment. As a member of the 8 Count Dance Team, my daughter has been able to further develop her love of dance,and has been encouraged to dream big and unlock all of the possibilities that exist within herself.

Lisa V